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From Olga Iserlis, prominent businesswoman and high society “Event Organiser Extraordinaire”, comes her new book, which offers a generous helping of canapé-sized inspirations, ideas, anecdotes drawn from her own experiences.

Over 208 pages and three sections (“Fashion & Style”, “Etiquette & Manners”, and “History & Tradition”), readers are invited inside the elegant world of Olga Iserlis — a gallery of personal musings gleaned from her wealth of observations, notes and conversations she has had with herself on ideas she considers interesting and important. Alongside them are fun, historical facts annexed by a thoughtful bibliography of sources, humorous anecdotes and etymological analyses.

“It is my passion to share these thoughts with you, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy sharing them. More so, I hope you add your own to them (that’s why there are blank pages too),” Olga writes in her opening note.

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